Pamper your pooch in our luxury spa. This is dog grooming with a twist! We offer a calm, relaxing safe haven for your dog to be groomed and indulged. We offer a selection of bespoke dog grooming spa treatments from pawdicures to full body aromatherapy massages.

The Ultimate Full Groom – £30-£60

Your dogs spa day will begin with a full body aromatherapy massage leaving them feeling relaxed and contented. We then carefully select a shampoo and conditioning treatment based on your dogs coat type/ sensitivities/ needs. Next your dog will experience a rejuvinating melon or berry foaming facial, this luxurious tearless cleanser aids optimum skin and coat health. Followed then by a gentle blow dry. Moving on then to a full pawdicure, this includes a nourishing oatmeal paw balm massage and nail trim. Posh paws complete we move on to ear cleansing and breath freshening. Your dog will then be cut and styled to whatever style you require. We finish this ultimate spa day with a spritz of doggie perfume/cologne. Voila your dog will not only look and smell amazing but they’ll feel it too!

The Basic Full Groom – £20-£40

We select a specialist shampoo and conditioning treatment based on your dogs coat type/ sensitivities/ needs. Your dog will then undergo a gentle blow dry in preparation for full coat styling of your choice (includes all shaving, trimming etc). Following this is a nail trim, ear clean and spritz of doggie perfume/cologne.

Wash & Go – £10-£30

Perfect for inbetween full grooms or dogs with very short or low maintenance hair. Includes a shampoo and conditioning treatment, gentle blow dry, nail trim and spritz of doggie perfume/cologne. 

Puppies – £8-£20

It’s important to start young dogs off with a positive grooming experience. This package is for puppies ages 3-6 months. We will bath brush and gently blow dry your puppy. Nail clipping is available if needed.



Add On’s

Why not spoil your pup and add an extra little treatment or two to your dogs groom. These can be added to any of our packages.

Blueberry Foaming Facial £5

Cucumber & Melon Foaming Facial £4

Lavender Aromatherapy Full Body Massage £7

Mineral Rich Mud Bath £7

Nail Trimming £3

Oatmeal Paw Balm Treatment £3

Ear Cleaning £3

Breath Freshening Treatment £3


**Please note that dogs that a severely matted could incur additional charges. We won’t spend more than 15 minutes de-matting as it can become uncomfortable, stressful or even painful for your dog.  If we think your dog would benefit from having the mats removed via shaving the coat then we will contact you to discuss this. We will always put your dogs welfare first and shaving can be the least stressful and most comfortable solution for your dog**

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Pamper your pooch in our luxury spa. This is dog grooming with a twist! We offer a calm, relaxing safe haven for your dog to be groomed and indulged. …

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