Full Day House Sit

£50 per day

A full day spent with your pet in your home.

Runs for approx 10 hours. 9am-7pm

(Subject to availability)


Sleep Over Service

£25 a night

Runs from approx 8pm to 8am the following day

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Dog walking

£10 for 1 hour

1 hours dog walking £10

£5 per additional dogs in the same family


half an hour walk  £6

£5 per additional dogs in the same family



Pop in Service

£8 per 1 hour visit

This service provides for up to 2 pets:

(includes all pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, gunniea pigs, rats, hamsters, budgies etc etc)

Feeding and watering

administering any medication

letting out to toilet

changing litter trays

playing and cuddling

£4 per additional pet

*please note this does not include dog walking*

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