Pamper your pooch in our luxury spa. This is dog grooming with a twist!

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£25 a night

A luxury over night home boarding Hotel Service.

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Dog walking

£10 for 1 hour, £6 for 1/2 hour

£5 per additional dogs in the same family

We provide a dog walking service suitable for all dogs needs. These can be part of a fun group or as a one to one for those who don’t enjoy the company of other dogs. Walks are tailored to your pet so we can keep them on lead if you prefer or we can let them off, throw balls and play games.




Pop in Service

£8 per 1 hour visit or £10 for 2 1/2 hour visits in the same day.

Our Pop in Service is great for dogs, cats and any other small pets you may have at your home.

We can visit your pet while you’re on holiday or unable to be at home for long periods of time. During our time with your pet we will feed them, clean up any messes, clean hutches, cages and litter trays, administer medication if required, let out to the garden to toilet and of course provide lots of cuddles, love and play.

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